Team-Building Ukulele Workshops

Bring the joy and excitement to your team with group Ukulele lessons

Music with Mr. Browne

We blend the harmonious melodies of the ukulele with the art of team-building to create unforgettable experiences promoting wellness, collaboration, and joy within teams.

Our Mission

At Music with Mr. Browne, we’re passionate about the transformative power of music to unite people, alleviate stress, and foster a harmonious workplace. Our programs are carefully designed to introduce teams of all sizes and backgrounds to the enjoyable world of ukulele playing, nurturing a sense of unity, wellness, and creativity.

  • UkeBegin Workshop

    A beginner-friendly introduction to the ukulele. No musical experience? No problem! We’ll have you strumming your first song within an hour.

  • Harmony Ensemble Building

    Our flagship team-building experience. Groups learn to play and perform a song together, emphasizing cooperation, listening, and harmony.

  • Wellness Serenade Sessions

    Combining ukulele lessons with guided mindfulness practices. A perfect way to de-stress and find balance.

  • Bespoke Events

    Tailored workshops for corporate retreats, conferences, or any event looking for a unique and engaging activity.

Why Ukulele?


The ukulele is easy to learn, making it perfect for beginners.


Small and lightweight, it can be played anywhere, from the office to the great outdoors.


Its cheerful sound brings smiles and laughter, enhancing mood and creativity.

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